School Rules

School Rules Rules Rules

We consider discipline to be a very important part of character building. We expect all students to follow the rules and regulations and to respect those in authority. It is our aim to motivate the children to make the right choice and empower them to strive towards all that is good and noble.
Late coming is viewed seriously, students will be sent home if they fail to report to school on time.
Parents are requested to make suitable arrangements to see that the children come to school on time. Students are expected to be in school uniform for special classes and open house days.
Students from class 8 upward are permitted to wear watches. However expensive and fancy watches are not allowed

  • Boys, Should Have neat,Short haircut, No fancy hair styles will be permitted.

  • Girls, Hair below shoulder length to be neatly braided.

The Following Are Strictly Forbidden

  • Bringing Cellphones to school
  • Chewing gum in school
  • Bringing Games ,cards or electronic gadgets which are not needed for school work
  • Applying Mehandi Or Nail polish


All the students are expected to be regular and punctual in their attendance at school including games sports and other extra curricular activities. Children may be kept at home only for reasons of sickness. Leave of absence for family functions etc. must be applied for in advance. Prior permission should be obtained from the Principal. When a student returns to school after 2 days of absence the reason may be recorded in the column of leave record duly signed by the parent and acknowledged by the class teacher. If absent for more than 2 days, a leave letter should be submitted to the class teacher along with a medical certificate. Half day leave will not be permitted, therefore in case of illness please keep the child at home even on test days. If a student is absent continuously for more than a month without prior sanction of the principal, his/her name will be removed from the school rolls.


Silence is to be maintained in the library. Students are allowed to take  a notebook and pencil in to the library. A fine of Rs.2/- per day will be charged for overdue books. Students will have to pay the cost of a lost or damaged library book.

Note To Parents

Please check the diary daily and affix your signature in the space provided. Ensure that your child brings the diary to school everyday. Encourage your ward and cooperate with the teachers and authorities so that together we can make a difference by providing a stress-free holistic learning environment.
Students and Parents will Have to comply with the school rules, which will be in force from time to time

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